Carl, Scared Little Boy?

​To Carl and his crew
​It’s pretty pitiful when you can’t write your own blog because you never learned correct English grammar, punctuation and spelling.  You make threats and you degrade board members, and yet you still do not understand what it takes to keep our township growing and improving each and every day.  Carl, if what goes on in Topinabee is so important to you, why did you move to Indian River?  Couldn’t stand the pressure of being picked on, or was it the fast that you were just a little bully, and finally everyone knew it? If it wasn’t for the vandalism that has taken place, there would be no need for cameras.  It takes a lot of guts for you and your crew to mention the hardware store and everything that Louis and Shirley did for this community.  Very few were ever granted the ability to go in, shop, and sign for their items, and come back during the week to pay.  It wouldn’t surprise me if you or some of your crew are on the list of people who still owe Shirley money.  He would have been more profitable if all those bills had been paid on time.
Why are you so upset about the cameras?  Are you afraid some will see you stealing time on the Topinabee Library internet at night?  Or will we see you digging through the trash cans, looking for dirt?  I challenged you that if you honestly believed that the Board was violating the law to get an attorney.  Go file a complaint with the state.  See where that gets you.


Carl and Crew,


If Carl, who has complained the most, feels he could do it better, he should make sure his name is on the next ballot. If he has no idea on how to run a campaign, go to your local library in Indian River and get a book. The next time you come to Topinabee, check out our library. It’s the one where you use all the FREE internet to run your business.

Carl and Crew are complaining about the cameras that should be put up.    Are you afraid you will be caught and others will see you?  We need those cameras to watch and catch those that caused destruction last fall in the new park.  It is far less expensive than hiring an attorney or having to spend Township dollars to fix what was broken.

The Township Board is made up of good people willing to give their time and effort to make our community a place where people want to live. Carl, what have you done?  Oh yeah, you moved to Indian River.  So far I hear you like your neighbors.  This is a good thing because you just might learn that most people are good and willing to help.


Carl Discriminates Against The Disabled


Are You Concerned About Topinabee Issues?

YES, I am concerned about Topinabee and the Township Board Members. I am even more concerned that Carl and Crew are out to destroy people on the Board and members of the TDA who have done a great job trying to improve Topinabee.  They are still standing and now that Carl has someone writing his blog, he has more time to go grocery shopping for healthy food.

I really enjoy your efforts to try to blame the Mullett Township Supervisor and Board members for their choice to hold the Board meeting on the east side of the lake.  Our eastern Township residents deserve local representation and meetings.  Why are you discriminating against the people who live on the east side of the lake?  Is it that Carl was not a known entity and was embarrassed when a man stood up and asked “who the hell is Carl?”  Carl get over it, move on.

At the upcoming Board meeting an organization will make a proposal to put in a fishing pier to allow the disabled to fish. Are you also discriminating against people with handicaps?

Carl and Crew, you are all a piece of work.




“It’s Your Party and You Can Cry If You Want to……………”


Did you have a party?

I can’t believe we were both in Ken’s Market this past Friday.   Passing up and down the aisle and you didn’t even say “hello”.  You were wearing a gray sweatshirt and jeans.  You move to Indian River and you forget about us in Topinabee.  Some friend you are !!!  You remember to come to the meetings and complain about everything, but you never invite us to your new home.

Your cart was filled with party foods – at least that is what it looked like. This is what I saw: Dr. Pepper, 2 containers of Deans ice cream, A&W Root Beer, Doritos, salsa and a  few other party foods. Carl, you forgot the veggie tray, fresh fruit salad, bottled water.

I hope you had a great party with your new friends in Indian River.  But maybe your new friends haven’t experienced the guy who complains about everything and has no solutions.



Really, Carl?


I am still here and in all this time you and your crew have continued your Witch Hunt about board members including your # 1 nemesis (Evil enemy of yours, that stands in your way of everything you live by. They could be your sworn enemy, fighting with you till the bitter end, it could be that evil presence surrounding you–day in–day out, or, it could even be…..your next door neighbors *loud scary music*.)

What is your problem with anyone and everyone, Board Members, TDA and the rest of us who love living here?  I guess you still do not understand Investment, ROI and Development.

Let me ask you a few questions and if you ever hope or desire to Run for Office you should answer these questions.

1) Are you an American citizen?

2) If you are registered to vote, why don’t you do your civic duty and vote?

3) Who is your new employee that writes your blog post?  I know it isn’t you because you never did listen to SchoolHouse Rock.

4) I promise to write-in your name on the next ballot. Then once you are elected you will be able to control all the items you find egregious. So Carl get ready for those of us who know how government really works

No other questions for now, please get ready to answer more later.



Carl B Muscott Loses Another Battle

It is a good thing Carl was not old enough to fight in WWII, for surely he would have gone AWOL and joined General Rommel’s tank division getting ready to go toe to toe with the Allies under the command of General Montgomery. The battle took place at El Alamein. General Rommel was an excellent strategist but his ego got in the way (kinda sounds like Carl).  Imagine Carl in charge of a tank division. Could he have done a better job than Rommel or Montgomery?  Doubtful but Carl could be heard always saying, ” I know nothing!” and the recent letter received from the state agrees with the Mullett Township Board (see below).  Carl, you have proven to all ” I know nothing”.  Maybe you should spend more time at the library where they have free internet. Did you know that?

Carl, we know you are not a teacher, professor or even on the school board but you did give the township board a report card. We would like to give you your final Report Card and Diploma so now you can go away to college. How about Arizona State; great party school. In the summer time you can come back and take classes via the internet using the Indian River Library or sit in the new Topinabee Park and read your book on Civics 101.

Report Card         for             Carl B Muscott


Parents’ Signature  ____________________

Here is the response from the state:  Subject: Topinabee Beach Park

Mr. Muscott – thank you for your email below.  The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) Board of Trustees and the Director of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) have asked me to respond to you.  We have reviewed your concerns and discussed the matter with Mary Anne Gayle, Township Supervisor; and Mr. Brian Callahan from the local snowmobile club.  I visited the park personally last summer and am familiar with how the new improvements have been completed and where they are located on the site.  It is a beautiful park and was being used by many citizens during my visit.

The Mullet Township Board, as representatives of the township, voted to place the snow fence in the park.  My understanding is they did this for two main reasons:  1)  Provide for public safety as the new retaining walls and stairway, once covered with snow, could be a real hazard for snowmobilers and others; and 2) to protect the new improvements in the park, including sidewalks, viewing platform, playground equipment and stairway from possible damage.  I believe the township is justified in installing fencing for these purposes.  The township is required to properly maintain these improvements which were funded, in large part, by the MNRTF and none of these improvements were intended for winter use.

The MNRTF does not require our grantees to keep parks open in the winter (parking lots and sidewalks plowed) unless the purpose of the grant was for winter use.  Many parks in Michigan are closed for the winter.  My understanding is the North Central State Trail is not impacted by the fencing and the restroom facility located on the west side of the trail is open for use by snowmobilers and others.  I also understand the fencing was installed in such a manner that pedestrian access to the park and lake will be available for special events such as the Topinabee Big Chill.  Ice fishermen who use snowmobiles to access the lake can still park in the library/park parking lot and use the trail to access the lake by using access points 200 yards to the south or ¼ mile to the north.

In summary, the improvements funded by the MNRTF were not intended to be used during the winter months.  The MNRTF does not require local units of government to keep parks open during the winter (except as described above) and relies on local governing bodies, such as the township board, as representatives of their citizens, to determine the “appropriate use” and best methods of managing their local parks.  Based on a review of this situation, I believe the township is justified in the placement of the snow fence and acceptable alternatives exist for citizens to access the lake.  The township is in compliance with requirements of the MNRTF

Thank you again for your email and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.


Steve DeBrabander, Manager

Grants Management Section

Finance and Operations Division

Mi. Dept. of Natural Resources

517-284-5930 NEW

The Michigan DNR is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state’s natural and cultural resources for current and future generations.”




Let me say this, you are by far the funniest person I have ever met. Cannot spell, does not know punctuation, does not comprehend grammar, opens mouth before engaging brain and the best part is that you make the rest of us look like Mensa Members. If you do not know what that is look it up.

You accuse and attack people without checking facts, rules and regulations and the Law, which makes you look like you failed the Mensa test more than once, never listened to School House Rock nor attended class.  Looks to me they passed you to get rid of you. What you earned was a social promotion and as we discovered earlier you are still failing the class. What high school did you go to that gives social promotions?

Tell us about yourself, the good the bad and the ugly.

We all know about your mother and her Canadian connection and your bother who still lives there (do you need his address and phone number?).  I hope you sent a card or at least called your other brothers.

Carl, where have you worked and do you have a Social Security Number? If so what state did you get it in and when? Remember Carl, the truth will sent you free.  Do you remember me telling you months ago that you can run but cannot hide your past? People have been willing to talk about you but for now that is between them and me.

“The best enemy against Carl is another Carl.”