Your life is full of negative thoughts, words and ideas. Could that be the reason you are so miserable no matter where you live? You go out of your way to hurt and destroy the lives of others and the only reason you have is because you can.

You write negative articles and with your ugly words attack others  (including me) simply because you can. You never learned that hurting others will come back on you. It might be time for a debate; are you up for that? You seem to believe “YOU” are always right and everyone should listen and do what you say and want. If a new election were held today, WOULD “YOU” WIN?

Have the guts to stand up in public and address the citizens in a public forum.  Are you prepared to be as verbally abusive in public as you are via your blog?   Put on your big-boy pants and face those who have strongly disagreed with you.  Can you argue your point in public?

Carl, are you ready to face the public or will you continue to hide from those who prove you wrong time after time?



FINALLY: Carl Writes the TRUTH!


You are really a funny guy and must be running out of things to write about.  I appreciate that you have been sharing my blog posts on your blog site — thank you for helping get the THE TRUTH out.

You call me a political activist? Sorry, but “no”, I don’t crave the attention you do. I don’t care about politics. I care about the truth. Which you must admit is hard to find on the posts you write.

I look forward to seeing more of my blog posts on your website; it is a great compliment.



Cost-Benefit Analysis


You must be full of turkey and stuffing up to your eardrums.  Your latest post shows how dense (as a solid mass) you are.

First, the Board decided to close the park during the winter.  The liability of someone on a snowmobile drowning in the lake would drive your taxes up through the roof.  So, we close it.  Then we put up HIGHLY VISIBLE fencing, so that everyone on the trail can see the fence.

Here’s a math lesson for you:

I looked on the Home Depot site and 100 feet of snow fence is $30.  So let’s say we have 500 feet of fence…that’s $150.  And let’s say we pay $150 in labor to put it up.  $300 of protection against a multi-million dollar liability?  $300 is hardly the “several thousand” that you complain about.  Sounds like the Board is going out of its way to protect all taxpayers at very little cost.

Carl, do you not perform this type of back-of-the-napkin math before you shoot your mouth off?  Good managers do…seems like that’s what we have in our current Board.



Don’t Fence Me In


In your recent letter to the Mullett Township Board, you ask 2 questions regarding the proposed Blight Ordinance that the Board is considering.  First you ask whether fences make good neighbors.  Then you suggest the Board spend money hiring someone to enforce a Blight Ordinance, in order to bring in money to be spent “your” way.

Is this the kind of fence you propose?


Regarding hiring, you make a funny flip-flopper.  First you question all of the ways the Board spends money; then you want them to spend MORE money.  Typical liberal:always wanting to tax or fine your way out of a hole.

And your etiquette lesson of the day is:  You refer in your letter to the “Honorable” Mullett Township Board.  The term “Honorable” is reserved for the Supervisor; use Mr. or Mrs. for the other members of the board.  Maybe Santa will bring you a copy of Emily Post’s Etiquette.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.



Helping Others


I commend you on your resent letter to the editor of the Straitsland Resorter.  You are giving it the old college try as you assimilate into the Indian River community.  Does that mean you will be seen at Chamber meetings and year-round events?

Before I continue, I’d like to point out that you made the same grammar mistake discussed in an earlier blog post. Do you remember the blog post about the “its” or “it’s” problem you have? Veterans Day is correct and Veteran’s is incorrect.  For the sake of the children who learn by what they read please use Spell and Grammar Checker.

You mention Thanksgiving and Christmas but nothing about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa?  Carl, there are individuals and families in our communities for whom these are very special days.

Dear Lord, help me here!  Carl, you are missing the point when it comes to volunteer work, donations of money, food, clothing etc.  Pull your head out of the sand and please read this until it sinks in. Volunteering is NOT about the number of hours, donating money is NOT about being Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, and it is NOT about the amount of your resources.  It IS about doing whatever you can. Be it one hour to volunteer or one dime to donate, that amount of time or money can make all the difference to someone. In very simple terms that one dime is just as valuable as a $1,000 or $10,000 check from Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. Donating something is ALWAYS better than nothing. NOTE: It is not “giving” if everyone knows who you are.

You say  “…over a non-profit promoting a mission statement to preserve and enhance the community”.  Carl, you are not smarter than a fifth grader.  Preservation groups around our country do excellent work by preserving our architecture and heritage. Hint, hint: the Forts in Mackinaw City and on the island are just two of the many sites helped by these groups.  Do you even know the history of the area we live in? Better yet, do you know anything about what took place here during the War of 1812?  Carl, this is the one time I am asking you to go to the library and research the area. Use the internet; you have my permission!

Bragging about all the volunteer work you have done proves my point from an earlier blog post…it’s always all about YOU!  Carl, I don’t know anyone who has ever seen you volunteer for anything.  But I don’t live in AZ, either.

At least we can say that some of my earlier pleas for you to volunteer and get involved may have gotten through to you.

Why don’t you volunteer here a little more, and talk about it a little less?

Here’s your quote for today:

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”  – Anne Frank



“WHERE is Carl Muscott?” is our latest question

Hi Carl,

On Friday, October, 25th, a great deal of the people who really care about the area, its overall welfare, and its people gathered for the Indian River Chamber of Commerce annual awards banquet.  Several hundred folks from all walks of life, who volunteer selflessly for the good of the community, its residents, and visitors enjoyed an evening of pleasant conversation and recognition of those who really, really care about what happens here.

Citizen of the year Dennis Burwell was honored for his selfless dedication in making the Veterans Pier in Indian River slated to debut this coming summer.  Pammy Sue Marks, who nobly gives of her time to many events in the community, from Summerfest to all the school sports recordkeeping, was recognized as Volunteer of the Year.  And, Topinabee’s own David Ogg, who has spearheaded our beautiful beach park progress, was recognized as Member of the Year.

These were close decisions for the Chamber; there were numerous other persons in each category who are very community spirited, and always right at the head of the line to raise their hand and help.

One has to ask, Carl:  Where were YOU?

You like to imagine yourself as some sort of Robin Hood of the community, somehow saving us all from the ghosts and goblins that only you seem to see.   Why didn’t your trolls nominate you?

Why were notably absent from an event like this, honoring the people and the area you claim to be so concerned about?  Why wouldn’t our own self-proclaimed Robin Hood be there and add his thanks for all those honored?

You’re ALWAYS notably absent from ANYTHING constructive in the community…any place where anything good is done…any place where people actually roll up their sleeves and accomplish something for the common good.

Your forte’ instead seems to be to keep to the shadows, and try to find tiny minutia about which to throw rocks from the cover of your barn (home?) or perhaps more appropriately, the Topinabee Library’s public internet.  These are pitiful attempts at tearing down the efforts of others who really try to make a difference for the good.

We missed you, Carl.  Your name came up, once or twice, when people were shaking their heads wondering why all that energy you spend trying to make trouble can’t be used to do some good like these people in the community do.  But, you were quickly forgotten in the spirit of recognizing the real people with the “right stuff”.



“Who the hell is Carl Muscott?” Part II

Who cares who Carl Muscott is?  You should because he is spending your tax dollars every time the Board meets.  Because of Carl’s antics in the past, the Township uses YOUR TAX DOLLARS to have an attorney present at most of the Board meetings.

If you haven’t been to a Board meeting in a while it would be well worth your time to come and meet Carl Muscott and his latest friend with a letter in hand to read. See for yourself, hear for yourself, from the Soupy Sales of the Township.

This last meeting, with the lead roll played by Carl Muscott, was a remake of an Abbott and Costello routine “Who’s on first…….”  So come early to the next meeting and grab a chair in the front row. You may be lucky enough to sit next to Carl and watch him set up his recording equipment.

Our Mullett Township board meetings are interesting and informative. These community meetings are where Township business is conducted.   The meeting held on October 7th at the East Mullett Fire Hall was much more entertaining than most.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, a local businessman rose, walked to the front, and read a letter delivered to him.   You guessed it: the letter had been delivered anonymously, slipped under the door of his business. Why was a personal letter read out loud at a Board meeting?  Why are we subjected to a letter between two private parties?  What the heck does this have to do with Mullett Township official business?  The businessman seemed upset, and apparently felt somehow that this was the proper forum to tell everyone about it.

I wonder what will be next…..will we need to listen to a letter about a beer that was sold that was a little too warm?   A resident whose lawn was cut by a contractor who had a dull blade on his mower?  Someone who drove through town with an unwashed car?  Dull indeed, but our resident pundit Carl Muscott provided, indirectly, a respite from this inappropriate waste of time.

The letter spurred some discussion, mostly involving those related to the businessman, with a lot of Carl-this, and Carl-that.  As more time was wasted by the matter, a guest at the meeting, obviously there to observe the real business of the township and apparently frustrated with Carl’s desperate attempts to grab the limelight and make mountains out of nothing, spoke up with what was a perfectly-timed, perfectly-spoken line that seems to capture the feelings of most Mullett Township residents:

“Who the HELL is Carl?”

The man could not have delivered it better if he practiced it for weeks with a Hollywood voice coach.  The room erupted in laughter, and then into applause.  Every face in the room save for two bore at least a wide smile; everyone enjoyed the irony and the message of the brief and well-chosen remark.  Who were the two exceptions?  The party who chose to bring his tiny, tiny “business problem” to a public meeting and waste our time (and tax dollars!), and good old Carl.  Carl turned red as a beet.

I don’t know who the party was who asked that question, but he certainly was spot on.  He summed up the past few years succinctly in five short words.  His question clearly puts into perspective all the wasted time, the wasted money, as well as the energy and excitement taken away that could be better used administering Mullett Township and its business.

Movies have a way of immortalizing short lines…..”Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”…….”Here’s looking at you, Kid”…..and “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” all come to mind.    Well, thanks to the honest, direct, and simple question raised by someone we don’t know, Mullett Township now has its own immortal line:  “Who the HELL is Carl?”

And, coincidentally, it leads to that other line:  “Frankly, Carl, we don’t give a damn”.

Thanks for the laughs, Carl.  Keep ‘em coming.